Something else to consider... - better yet here is the real truth that should be told...
The college lacrosse coaches will not let the contact date be moved up because these coaches are now making too much money from their camps.
Coaches want recruiting pushed back because coaches make huge money from the extra two years of camps from the Sophomore and Junior players who now go.
Coaches did not push recruiting back because it "was in the best interest of the players" they pushed it back because "it was in the best interest of coaches' pocketbooks". Follow the money!
Coaches want you to believe it is an amazing coincidence that the extra two months of July and August that the coaches claim "are needed so the players can mature" just happen to be the exact two months when coaches run their camps. What an amazing coincidence!
Players do not magically mature in July & August. It is because July and August are when coaches run their money making camps.
Sorry players, the NCAA, just like US Lacrosse, will put the money before the players.
By the way...
-Proposal 2018-93 is for June 15th contact
-Proposal 2018-93-2 is for Sept 1st contact
Please email:
and tell them to vote June 15th not Sept 1st