"Other than that, you are much better off spending the money going to a couple camps of schools that your daughter is interested in. Especially if those schools have shown interest in your daughter. At this point most girls should know some schools that are interested in her. Plan your summer accordingly."

What if girls don't know where they are interested in going or who is interested in them yet? Especially 2022's? Might be better served for now to be at UA in front of a variety of schools than going a specific school's summer camp yet. Looks like a good variety of schools. True that not a lot of players from top-tier teams were on the rosters the past years. And lack of high level schools. But now that recruiting guidelines have changed, it could have an effect on the caliber of this event - both in terms of colleges and players. A couple of years ago top girls were already committed by the time they were the ages of this year's UA150 players. I don't know the answers. But things to think about.