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Of course coaches like speed. Do you really think coaches go look at the results from the UA 150 parisi combine though? Of course not.

The UA Underclass games are free to play in as opposed to the crazy high fee for UA150. And you're crazy if you don't think there weren't more coaches from top D1 schools there than UA150.

UA150 costs twice as much as it should for what is provided. You get less exposure there than you will at G8 the weekend before or Mid-Atlantic the weekend after. If the goal is to just play games in front of college coaches tournaments blow UA150 out of the water. Camps are better if your daughter is interested in the school and wants to be able to actually interact with the coaches and current players and get a feel for the program.

Again, to each their own.

once again, thanks for your approval

You're right. They asked for an honest response on if the UA 150. It's the best $600 you can spend.

That better?