After talking with another parent at the Best in Box, who was from Albany, O2 has actually gone out of their way to combine the best of talent from all over and integrate them with their own DB players which will elevate the entire program and translate to the field. Its actually a win win..everyone gets an opportunity to play and get better with their skills. Seems like a sound plan and given their success this winter, seems to be working. Also, I wasn't aware that this is only their second season as a program...they are leapfrogging other box and field programs in NJ. I may have my son tryout for field this upcoming summer.
Regarding tryouts-why have the tryout timelines gone from September timeline to early July. Some field programs are not even finished with their current summer schedule and having the following seasons tryouts already. How do you cut a kid for next year when he is still playing in his current season for their team. Anyone agree that tryouts should go back to the old model and happen after labor day? Fall lacrosse is bogus anyway, whats the rebels with all of these programs? I think its a money grab for all of these club teams in NJ.