[/quote]Can't wait until club lax is our rear view mirror. Even if you have the best experience (which most don't), it is still way overpriced and a huge time stink. Love the game but this soccer model process is terrible. [/quote]

OK. I get the complaint.....but that's the easy and typical thing to do here. What solutions can you put forward to discuss.[/quote]

Parents started this monster, only they can stop it by not paying into it. Lots of blame to go around. Parents and coaches alike.....[/quote]

You are Exactly right. Plenty of other clubs or now what a lot of them are being called, 'Showcase Teams' have a better Team (maybe not teams if they even have multiple teams) so those who continue writing their checks for 5k to Express & 91 bc you were or are mislead that you must play for them to get recruited. SO far from the truth. And it's also us Parents faults for writing checks to other clubs like flg, igloo, and more mediocre teams. Look at the new program Rebels this year, they charge 5k tuition - that is insane. Go play for a showcase team like sting, 365 Lax, Sweetlax and others or pass your knowledge down to your friends/colleages/family/etc so they don't make the same mistake a lot of us did.