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So right, Express beat Madlax at NLF....congrats. And then Madlax destroyed them in Delaware at the NAL in November....or did you forget the second half of the question. Remind me how many times Express has beaten Madlax again?

Correct. Express wins. Then Madlax wins. Then Express wins. That's what happens when competitive teams play each other. No argument there. In fact, no argument at all. Just the same question. Why isn't a team with 2023 aged kids, with some 2022's thrown in, a whole lot better than they are?? We know you can play down and compete with 2024 aged teams, for now anyway (that will change soon enough). But, with an older team like that, none of these games should be remotely competitive. What's the problem? Here's another question, why is a 2024 team, with 2023 and 2022 aged kids, playing in the 2024 bracket at all? Wouldn't you want to play up, albeit on-age, to challenge yourselves?? I guess it's really not playing up, since you'd be playing kids your own age (ok, you'd have a few kids that would be older), but at least you wouldn't be playing down every game. Are your kids afraid to play kids their own age? Is that the problem?