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This board has so many good things about it. However, it would be so much better if we never saw post about holdback crying, money grabs or United.

Totally agree. Kids are in HS now playing older kids so forget about holdbacks. If someone wants to pay for something let them, most people know what they are getting so we don't need to hear about Money grabs - when you think about, all Club Lacrosse is a money grab. And the guy who keeps writing about JM and United stop already, if you have a problem with him go confront him but nobody really cares about JM or United.

You foolish enough to think only one guy is writing about Dingleberry and United?

Josh Dingleberry or Marksberry pissed off so many people Even 91 laughs at him and sent him to crappy fields at 91 tournaments, so he left, and joined DLT to say he has a AA team. He is going on 3 years with a losing record, can't win more than 1 low level tourney per year. So many can't stand him, the moderator isn't gonna post the same person typing different stuff.

Still on the team bc we have no where to go. Same with other kids. Couple were smart and did not come back for tryouts. Couple were dropped. Most others couldn't get on other teams. United was great in 5th/6th, but couldn't win a tourney in 7th grade and 8th grade (OK, 1 tourney win when Coach Rob coached in 7th Grade) even though Dingleberry takes parents money, promises only 24 kids on a roster and keeps adding until there are 30+. Unfortunately, the team still kept losing. Kids are really good, great skill sets, but bad coaching and coaches have no clue how to rotate players with 30+ kids have killed the team over the past few years.

Some parents are his long time drinking buddies and will never leave him. Dingleberry has so many close friends on the team, he has to play their son's cause he sees them over the weekends and their mom's babysit his kids for free kids too!

Now, Dingleberry doesn't promise to limit the roster. He says he will take as many kids as needed to win. We went 0-4 at Fall Lacrosse Classic in a B division and 2-2 at King of the Mountain in a B division. - looks like this is gonna be another 30+ roster year, maybe 40+!

Josh is so dumb, he has not collected all the money yet from players so some of us are thinking of bailing, but our kids are so afraid to say they don't play travel lax, especially in 9th grade.

If your sons are worried about not playing travel Lax but are unhappy with United call CoachC. I am sure he will find a spot for them. Imagine how impressed there friends and classmates will be when they tell them they play for Express. CoachC will gladly take your money to impress your kids friends.

Sad but true

Can't wait until club lax is our rear view mirror. Even if you have the best experience (which most don't), it is still way overpriced and a huge time stink. Love the game but this soccer model process is terrible.

OK. I get the complaint.....but that's the easy and typical thing to do here. What solutions can you put forward to discuss.