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7 kids left Igloo - that’s nearly 30% of the team..men lie - women lie #’s don’t lie...

WOW, that's a huge departure.

#’s 16-22 on the depth chart. Most weren’t asked back. The team is stronger after replacing them.

I have one question for this they were not asked back dad. If #1 Bandits added players, #Express Added players, Shore2Shore added players where did Igloo find these awesome players to replace the ones that left. Did these players walk off the street or were they great players sitting out there on the sidelines all this time?

#1: Express has an enormous roster. Near 30 players. They didn’t cut anyone. Bandits didn’t cut anyone either, they’re at 26.

#2: Mediocre players are easy to replace. I know that sounds mean, but that’s who moves from team to team at this age. They probably found them in the same places they found them last year: Empire, Legacy, Hedstrom, Igloo B, etc.,,

Good question though. I hope this answer helped.

So you're saying they replaced mediocre players with other Mediocre players? If your statement is true that means
1. The coaches took kids they know they will no play just to take their parents money.
2. The team is no better than it was last year because they did not upgrade any any position
3. The team could potentially be worse off than it was last year because at least 3 players that left were starters/

So basically this team has a reputation of taking players they are not really interested in playing and has not improved but the players that are there and do not play as much will stick around because they are loyal to the team or the parents will keep them there because that teaches them a life lesson.

That is the definition of madness. Lax is one of the only things where the consumer is unhappy but they sign up for more of the same and say thank you very much.