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HA HA HA HA HA HA... Stop with the hold backs, never. This year there isnt that many '18's playing on LI. Just a few in cough cough CHSAA. Next year you will have a few more '19's playing as '20's, and then after boy oh boy then you will have those real head scratchers.

So no, the hold back conversation will not end. Anyone else see the Taft Hold backs all smiling in their NLI pics. Nope, it doesn't end, not even in college!!! Get used to it - you CHEATED! Ends justify the means I guess.

Myles Jones was a hold back. Justin Guterding was a hold back, Rob Pannell was a hold back. Tehoka Nanticoke was a hold back. Bubba Fairman was a hold back. Billy Bitter was a hold back. Jimmy Bitter was a hold back. Miles Thompson was a hold back..... I can keep going. Not sure how it's cheating as they all met/meet the age requirements outlined by the NCAA to compete in D1 men's lacrosse, but maybe you can enlighten me on how all of these studs are cheaters.

Hold back vs PG. I have no problem with PG.

But when you re-class in 2nd and again in 7th or 8th grade I have a problem. I have a problem when you dont start your kid in school when he should, according to your state/local school district, AND he is no different than the norm. It's cheating when you get your dr to say your son or daughter needs extra time in the classroom and for tests and you know it rolls into the SAT and miraculously they get over a 1300. Right.

GAMING THE SYSTEM IS CHEATING. cheating doesn't have to be against the law.. it just has to be doing something different to gain an advantage.

Its like those of you who cheat on wife/husband or your taxes or your insurance. Hurts nobody right? guess again.

Whats do they say, once a cheat always a cheat.

Great post. Says all that needs to be said.