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Great. That's why its called a team. Its fall, most teams are missing players.

Really? thanks for the insight [ChillLaxin]. Now go back to your miserable life."

Hah. I'm good. Life is good. I don't need to come on hear and justify my 14yr olds lax team performance and explain to everyone who was missing so they won't think we may not be the best team. YOU ChillLaxin need to get a life. my guess you are about 5'6 and have never competed at a high level in anything... keep chasing little Petey...

Ooooh ..so angry! Me ? competing all the way to the High School level ! I would have needed to be REALLY good for that , especially me being only 5-6" and all? Lol. I gave some kids a compliment and your happy self felt the need to take time from your oh so happy life to be a donk job.Nothing in the original post stated Igloo was the best team. And yes you have me pegged for sure, only you forgot how i got stuffed in my locker at school, sand kicked in my face at the beach etc. I give you credit, you are really good at this guessing stuff.You know what? I'm going to play this guessing game too . I'm guessing that you were a great big fantastic athlete in your day (in your own mind anyway), who sadly is trying to relive his delusional glory days thru his son. The problem unfortunately is Jr really turned out to be a chip off the old block so he isn't living up to your expectations and probably didn't make Igloo...Or worse maybe he once WAS on Igloo and is no longer .Hmmmm maybe that's why you are so bitter and felt the need to post so angrily. Well the one thing i do know for certain is you should layoff trolling on the internet for a bit and spend some more time with your son. That's on the off chance he'd actually want to. Oh....and keep smiling