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What Express team heading to Delaware and what Express team going to Maryland this weekend?

Chan to Delaware

CoachMor and Pomps to MD

Do all the express teams carry huge rosters? Which one is the better of CoachMor and Pomps? How do they stack up with United, Igloo B and Rebels?

CoachMor is the better one. And who cares how they stack up. They have great coaching. They only carry huge rosters because people agree to it. But these teams lose players over the winter.

CoachMor is the better one, but it's a basically brand new team so it may not be as good as the best B teams. They have only played 4 games together.

For whatever reason, Chan never had an interest in creating a great 2nd tier team at this age group. He blows up the teams and reshuffles the deck every season. My guess is to keep the money rolling in by keeping parents guessing.

If you are the top 15-20 players on Chan, Chan is sweet as pie, high fives and hugs.
Bottom half of his team, he knows your son's name and maybe which parent goes with each player.
The rest of the 60+ players at 2022, he just sees $$$$.

Could only imagine how good all the team could be if just cared just a bit and tried to keep the coaching and the core groups together.......

Coaching on all three teams is high caliber. Frustrating though because the A team gets free indoor winter training, practices 2x a week 52 weeks a year plus who know what other perks. All for the same price as the C team. Probably the same at other clubs.....