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stop now. Blatant was light fall tourney. many boys didn't play due to football. most wont play together again until after spring high school season. many will play varsity as freshman, many will play in the private school league. enjoy the ride. most of these teams would dominate their age groups across the entire country. be happy about that. Yet most wont even step foot on a college team.

I am not sure where you get most wont step foot on a college team. heard that for the last 7 or so years. well speaking from experience you are wrong. Most over 50% of the boys my sons played with and against played well through jr year in college. While some did quite after Sophomore year and even less quite for reasons outside of academics, most did not only get on a team but most played. and that was boys who graduated HS 16/17/18 and looks just as good for the younger grades.

(this is from top teams through lower tiered teams, there was always a place for them to play, and they did)