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Ok bud, every team has multiple injuries but yours mattered with only 1 player. He was out you didn’t win much. Two out of eleven tournaments to me is not winning much. And here we go with the competing nonsense, newsflash: everyone competes. Does the other team stand there and do nothing? Please don’t hang your hat on that bud. And another thing bud, don’t compare 91 a few years ago to 91 now. Smash is back bud. Won practically every tournament entered last year. Sorry bud without that one player you are with the rest of the pack. ✌️Out BUD.

Actually Express won 2 of the 3 tournaments during the injury period. Record shows this was the most active and winninest team for several years running. Can’t dispute facts, but keep talking trash if it makes you feel better. 91 was eliminated prior to championship games in both Tristar and NLF Nationals. How many tournaments did 91 play in last year and how many did the team win?