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United a team to beat??? Back on top again? When were they on top? Last I checked Big J was virtually winless playing at AA and an early exit in Lehigh “B” bracket. Lost top offensive player. Love how he blames his players all the time.
I have a great idea. How about you repost again after a couple of SUMMER tournaments. Not because of a few practices or even after fall tournaments as many teams have kids missing.
Parents run now. This guy is so full of &@!%

I heard JM recruited new offensive and defensive players and they have been practicing for some time now. Sounds like you were on the team last year and are just trying to make up some excuse to bash the guy because you didn't make his squad this year. If you did you would know who he has on his roster. With everyone anointing all of these new clubs as the best thing since sliced bread lets give him an opportunity to prove himself now that he is the owner of the team, not just a coach. Who knows, maybe 91 picked your kid to fill out the roster and now has the ability to pick his own players. To be continued...