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HELLO PEOPLE ! Why are we talking about college in a 2022 forum. I'm gonna let my son enjoy his last few years of lacrosse before we have to start thinking about this BS. My son attends a private school and will be fine with recruiters, according to the school he is "on the radar" and is already being looked at but again I could care less at this time !

Just a conversation but you the reason we care is next July as rising Sophs, just about every program in the country will be watching players at Maverick and all the other events. Those coaches will be calling kids Sept. 1st 2020 based off what they see next summer and the summer of 2020. Not so far off. Remember your son can contact the coaches and let them know what showcases he will be at. It shows demonstrated interest and the coaches like that. The coaches can’t contact your son until 9/20 but will have a file on players they want to recruit well in front of that.