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My kid top player, not on a top club team. He got $22,000 A year athletic money.

That sounds about right if it is a expensive private U.

Example: College Expense: $60K
Team has 12.6 scholarships: = $756K
They offer money to 33 of the likely 42 on the roser = $22K
Key is that it is a private school less at a in state public school.
That covers the cost of five season of club ball.

My kid is a top player on a good club team, now a sophomore at a top 50 public. He gets 30k athletic.

First, there are not 50 public schools playing D1 lacrosse. I assume you mean a top 50 public university over all. Based on the amount of the athletic scholarship 30K I would also assume he is paying out of state tuition. It is very unlikely that an player will receive 30K of in state money which would essentially be a full ride. There would be no reason for an AD to approve this for a non revenue sport. Not to mention why a coach we need to as most top players are not getting a full ride. Many schools can "stack" financial or merit scholarships to get close. Of course this excludes the service academies which is a totally different situation. Most good to great players such as UA AA will likely be offered 20-30% in athletic money. How many tewaaraton finalists do you think get a full athletic scholarship?