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Looking for some guidance from parents that have had sons go through the recruiting process already. Would you have your son play on a AA team as a backup with little chance of playing time during the summer tournament season or play on an A/B+ team as a key contributor that doesn't leave the field? Pros and cons of both?

Thanks in advance!

Dad in Nassau County with a 2022 son that is looking for feedback.

Valid question.. Here are the pros and cons:
1a) Being a Backup won't help you get your son that much exposure being on a AA team & 1b) Depends which team you are inquiring about b/c not all AA programs go to the 'right' events
2) If you were to have said strong A team then I would have also said depends on the program but if it is an A/B+ team, the likelihood of getting exposure At Least from the D1 Colleges will be very difficult.
3) Considering your son is a 2022 Grad, he still has time and my advice would find a reputable team that attends good recruiting events so that he can get some exposure from the D2/D3 programs OR to play up with the AA team to practice against better competition and then attend individual Showcases where your son can then be sure to get on the coaches radars.

Just my opinion and advice based on what I have gone through

Interesting Question - the bottom line is your kid has to be seen to be recruited. Being a good practice player on a AA team might be good for their skills but he has to be playing in Tournaments and showcases. I would move to an A Team as long as they are committed to playing in the Big Name Tournaments and Showcases. Don't Panic, colleges coaches are looking at 2020's now and just stating on 2021's.