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Looking for some guidance from parents that have had sons go through the recruiting process already. Would you have your son play on a AA team as a backup with little chance of playing time during the summer tournament season or play on an A/B+ team as a key contributor that doesn't leave the field? Pros and cons of both?

Thanks in advance!

Dad in Nassau County with a 2022 son that is looking for feedback.

Tough question to answer. Can point out pro's & con's.

Depending on which program your son plays for, it may help to stay with that program and hopefully your son will earn a spot for his sophomore year which is arguably the most important year. Nevertheless, see what your son wants to do because at a lot of these Team Showcases (if the club team your son plays for attends them & good ones), the D1's will most likely glimpse at 2022's while D2/D3's will be looking heavily at the Juniors and some Sophomores because they know their biggest challenge are the D1 coaches.

Nevertheless, attend a few individual recruiting showcases so your son can be seen by a variety of schools.

Coaches are not looking at 2022s this year. Maybe next fall at the soonest.