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YOU AND THE GUY THAT WROTE THE QUOTE ABOVE ARE A BUNCH OF LITTLE BIT**** . Its obvious you are a parent that was cut because despite all this crap you are trying to post and crying about a post game speeches, what JM was doing the night before, kind of creepy that you are watching his every move, All except one player that was asked to return came back. There were a bunch of players that were removed from the team for various reasons, mostly just plain lack of skill and replaced with much better players.

The team will go on and be better. Got rid of DEAD weight. Got rid of weak parents. All of the players that were cut should have never been on the team. These post show what type of parents they are. Trying to undermine someone anonymously is so pathetic. He is a good coach who demands a lot from his kids.

Other posts shares a bad experiences, which is what a forum is about. Sharing good and bad experiences. Thats why BOTC exists. Your post is nasty, mean and name calling. Why calling kids dead weight and parents weak? You complain about anonymous posting but didn't post your name too.