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The prices are ridiculous, the head count is ridiculous all for what ? Lucky a kid gets money for school . Remember kool aid drinking parents 12.6 full scholarships per Teammmmm. Any see the fake championship MLL game last night ? No one there like college. More people at the little league World Series. What a dead end sport at the end of the day and these clubs have the balls to charge what they charge. It really is a joke

Sad part about it, parents fall for the big name teams and the amount of money they charge. 4k alone just for tuition for you kid to play youth lacrosse is totally insane. Tell you the truth, there are plenty empty seats at college games if you think about it. But parents are hooked on the "lacrosse crack" and keep coming back for more and more.

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This says it all.

In the end you do this because your kid loves to play.
- dont do it for the scholarships. You are better off not doing it then, saving that money, and you would end up having more money for your kid for college.
- dont do it if your kid is not being played. Thats just ridiculous. What is he practicing for. You practice so you will play well in your games. If he is not being played, its a waste. Pick a different team.
- dont do it because your kid wants to be on the top team. You are sending the wrong message to your kid. Being part of somerhing in name only, but not contributing to it by playing in the game, means he really earned nothing.
- dont do it just because you want to tell others your kid is on the top team. Your actually harming your kids self esteem, as he continues to watch others play instead of him.
- dont force your kid to play just to relive your dreams in your youth. Your child needs to choose their own path. That is the only way they will be successful and happy. That should be your goal.

If your kid enjoys lacrosse, pick a team where
- he is played. He doesnt have to be a starter. But he needs to play a decent amount of time in games.
- there is a team environment where there may not be equal playing time for all, but every player gets reasonable playing time.
- there is one team per age group. Or at least your on the top team. All the second teams are money grabs. Its way to difficult for organizations to pull in enough talent at tryouts to field 2 teams in an age group. (And everyone at tryouts wont accept). You are better playing for another club.
- Dont be a sucker paying ridiculous figures. Figure out what they are really giving you for your money. Is it really worth it? Why did tuition go up 25%? Certainly costs didnt increase that much in a year.
- Talk to people who you know or that friends know play for or played for that organization to get a better picture. Get the inside scoop.
- make a list of questions. And call and talk to the coaches before accepting an offer. If they wont talk to you, or give you nonsense answers, then run. It can only get worse from there.
- make sure the organization is investing in proper coaches for your team. Not just one head coach and the rest volunteer daddy coaches getting a free ride for their kid.

Once on your team
- dont switch mid season. It does nothing but hurt your kids image when he tries out for other clubs. And teaches your kid the wrong lesson about following through with his commitment to his team.
- make sure your kid enjoys playing for the team when deciding to try out next season.
- if you find during the season the organization does not follow through with what they promised, then walk after the end of the season. Find another team. Otherwise it will only get worse.
- practice with your kid. And make sure your kid understands practicing daily at home is the only way he will get better.
- when at tournaments enjoy the game. Dont be crazy on the sidelines shouting. Let the coaches do the coaching.
- dont let winning be everything. In the end it should be whether your kid is enjoying thenselves, and developing as a player. You certainly dont want to lose all the time. But you also dont want to win at any cost.

Have a great season