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I was at that game. I don't know why so many United fans talk about one game where they almost won. That is just sad. It wasn't close. I don't pay $100+ for Nextpro.com, but was texting my wife the score. Looking back at the texts, United shot up 2-0, then 2-1, next text was 3-3, then United never scored again and I stopped texting. Game ended 12-3 with Smash beating United. United definitely surprised everyone for the first few minutes, but Spallina made adjustments and easily won from there. United hardly even gained control of the ball offensively for more than a few minutes after their first 3 goals. JM made no adjustments, United struggled at face-offs, couldn't win hardly any GBs and many kids didn't play.

At the end of the season, after losing in the B bracket at NLF, JM gave a nice speech at NLF where at some point, he said the kids don't know how to win and he does not know why they will not play hard for him. That was difficult to listen to.

JM stayed at the Sands Casino the night before, was out drinking/gambling late, showed up and ran onto the field 15 min into the game the next morning. He texted parents 5 min before the game claiming the valet lost his keys. If the valet lost his key, why was he texting parents 5 minutes before the game instead of 1 hr before the game when the kids are expected to show up? He was late and yet he expected the boys to win it for him? It is up to the coach to lead by example, make adjustments, figure out how to win, get play time for most kids and enter appropriate tournaments so kids can play and truly win a few and lose few. United didn't win any tournaments all season. I am not hating on him, these are the areas he needs to work on.

Why do parents stay? Most can't go back to Empire (various reasons) and there are no viable B teams in Mid/East Suffolk county. The boys on the team are also good kids and good friends, so the kids want to play, not so much for JM, but with each other. The parents, for the most part, also get along. When your son tells you he wants to play with his friends, what else can you do except be quiet, pay the money and hope JM learns and makes some changes.

All this and you still go back for more? lost.

JM have a magic teaspoon?? These people are in the sunken place! #getout