"I was at that game. I don't know why so many United fans talk about one game where they almost won. That is just sad. It wasn't close. I don't pay $100+ for Nextpro.com, but was texting my wife the score. Looking back at the texts, United shot up 2-0, then 2-1, next text was 3-3, then United never scored again and I stopped texting. Game ended 12-3 with Smash beating United. United definitely surprised everyone for the first few minutes, but Spallina made adjustments and easily won from there. United hardly even gained control of the ball offensively for more than a few minutes after their first 3 goals. JM made no adjustments, United struggled at face-offs, couldn't win hardly any GBs and many kids didn't play."

Exactly - Spallina JR not SR made adjustments, SR was at Bandits Game. Kid is some player and has an incredible LAX IQ. I don't know who would have won had he not been there. SL had no Idea what to do and I hear from the parents that if SR & JR weren't part of the team they would be leaving. SL on his own doesn't teach anything and his practices are nothing more than PAL Practices. Everybody knows Smash is an average team with out JR. Look what happened in MD with with out him, they were destroyed and I heard from one of the parents that it was even worse than the score. "Kids had no idea what to do without JR". Before this year they haven't won a tournament in 2 years with SL as the coach. Smash is get the ball to JR and occupy your guy so he can go 1 on 1. JR is awesome but why stay on this team if your sole job is to get him the ball and occupy? As as for college's, you think because you kid play's for 91 or Express he is going D1. SL couldn't even get his kid, who is a good player, recruited.

So where do you go? Express? LOL? Unless you are one of 5 kids you are not allowed to shoot. Also the roster fluctuates week to week with guest players. You think 24 is a big roster haw about 30+. Did you ever see Chan on the sideline he is always happy and smiling, even when they are losing. You know why, he knows that this is all a big joke and he is making money hand over fist. He knows only a few of his kids are d1 recruits, college coach's today are looking for great athletes that are LAX Players. Believe me they would rather take a 6'3" athlete Lax player from FLA than a 5'10" star from LI.

Igloo has seen better days. Team is well coach but just to small. unless they get bigger players will be exposed and run over by the better teams. Also relies on just a few kids on Offense.

Rebels/Outlaws - decent players but horrible coaching. Needs to get a real coach then a Kid. Head coach graduated in 2014 from HS. Good Luck with that.

To get back to United, JM has his issues but all the teams have issues.

Good luck to all the players because this class has a lot of great kids and can we stop with the United/JM stuff already it's getting old and boring.