Hahaha angry man. What's with the insults bud? ""Your not even smart enough". What are you 12 years old? You can't have a mature discussion without descending into that behavior? That's one of the major problems on these forums. That kind of childish behavior. Everyone is a tough guy anonymous behind the keyboard. Stalker? Please. Why because I questioned your hate? First of all Im not JM. Im no big fan of his, but am a fan of the boys. I was not giving a detailed analysis of JM, but the team. When I said I dont know him its the truth. My analysis as you call it was just what I saw in the games. I saw them competing with several AA teams in tournaments this year. They did win a few, but imploded and lost on many others. I saw a lot of kids with talent on the team and they can be a true AA team if they were worked to be consistent in playing at the top of their game. I saw the game video on NextPro.com.
Joke? I had mentioned Smash because they were competing for almost a half. That's a fact. I give them credit for that. Why take that away from them? I wasnt saying they were better, etc. Forget JM and his antics, Im referring to the boys. I was there for almost every game and did see that they had an ability to play at AA level, but again were brought down by inconsistency. You obviously can't give them credit for that because of your hate for JM.
I see that many out there have major issues with JM. Im not defending him, but just stating what I saw during the season. Obviously being a JM hater you werent there. As far as his behavior toward parents/players off the field Ive heard a lot of bad things. I personally have not experienced it, but have no reason to doubt others who may have. However, in regard to game play he did well. He made mistakes no doubt, but did an overall decent job. Maybe he deserves a verbal thrashing. I dont know. He obviously gets to you at a high level. That says more about you than him. All I know is what I saw of the team/boys this past season. Now you may begin typing your insults.