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[quote=Anonymous]The Rebels have some PR group on these threads[/quote

No PR here! Do I believe the teams were already picked, yes, do I like no! For a 100 bucks, for someone to come tell me what they think of my kid, his skills and what he should work I appreciate! I’ve paid over 20k+ over the last several years for coaches to just tell me what I want to hear and keep collecting tuition!

This entire “travel club” lacrosse racket is all nonsense but unfortunately I’m stucco in the racket! My kid actually enjoys playing and making friends! We are realistic about his skills and the next level. If he can make it, he’ll make, regardless of where he is. Do I think the Rebels are putting on a good show to attract people to it, i do but hey they tried! Even if they pretended they tried more than the team who collected my tuition! In th end, it’s all money and maybe they enjoy see the kids succeed! IMO

I call BS On this... my son was offered a position from the second tryout.. and we were on a different club last year... we elected to join because we like the direction of the team