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Yes United was beating Smash 3-2 on a couple of notIntelligent mistakes. Smash then settled in and held United WITHOUT A SHOT FOR THE LAST 25 MINUTES. WATCH THE FILM.
Final was 12-3

Are you really talking about Smash-United from this past year (2017-2018)? That was after SL and 9D1 completely dismantled United and brought them back as a second team.

Not a former Smash or United player or parent, but before the "super team" experiment, United was as good as Smash (some would say even better based on the few times that they actually had to play head to head). JM was allowed to build his own team and they were one of the top 2022 teams anywhere. Then Manhasset 32 imploded (which stopped Chan from losing to town teams and helped build the current Express juggernaut) and 91 Blaze didn't follow up with a back to back title at the World Series. I'm sure that the 9D1 owners saw that the best way to preserve the brand was to make sure that the "best 20" players in the organization were all on one team (ignore that SL didn't like many of JM's players) so that they could win the World Series every year.

But that seventh grade 91AA "super team" didn't gel that year and Express and Igloo between them won all of the major tournaments. Then one or two major additions ("Junior"), and after hiding most of the fall and spring season, Smash finally showed what it could to this summer (especially when none of their players had conflict with Crush's tournament schedule).

I get it - for some reason, you hate JM -- and it's probably deserved. But honestly, a true second team playing against a first team at this age? I'm surprised it was that close.