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So on top of all of your postings trashing Marksberry you now feel it's necessary to trash and name call the parents/players that have decided to join United? If you have such a huge problem with Marksberry (it's obvious you do) than why don't you say it to his face instead of hiding behind a keyboard as an anonymous person? In addition to that why do you care at all since it's very clear you don't like the guy. Did he steal some players from your team or cut someone you know? I was at that game against Smash, United played them tough and were actually winning up until almost half time. Approximately 18-19 minutes into the game. Check the video. I have. Yes they were stomped this past year by some AA teams, but truth be told it had very little to do with Marksberry. Much of it was due to simple mistakes by the team in general (passing, catching, positioning, etc). Their main problem was consistency. They played some games at a level which would compete with ANY AA team and then there were games where many mistakes were made and they were beaten. I doubt you were there watching them throughout this past season, yet you believe you are an authority on the team. I don't know a lot about JM, but I watched him throughout the season challenge the boys, build up their confidence and have outstanding practices. Yes he made mistakes and could have done some things differently. No doubt. He's no different than most of the coaches out there on top clubs. They all have egos to some degree. Having a healthy ego is a necessity if you want to coach a successful team. Im not saying he is some amazing coach (he isn't), but to say he is a poor coach and doesn't know what he is doing is WAY off. Oh and by the way, I never heard him say other teams were scared of United. What he did say to the boys is that many of the other top clubs do not feel United is good enough to even be on the same field as them. He stressed to them that they were excellent players and can play with any team out there. Any good coach would do the same. We all know many of the top teams as well as some of their parents have a very pretentious attitude. I find this to be hilarious especially coming from the parents who don't even play. To those parents, it's just lax folks. Settle down. You're no better than anyone else. People can be ridiculous.
So with all due respect keep your anger toward JM out of your opinion because it's blatantly obvious your issue with him is a personal one. As I said before why don't you speak with him in person and get it off your chest because it's weighing heavy on you. Otherwise you should move on. Your hate posts are getting tiring.

Wow - You say you "don't know a lot about JM", but you refer to the game video you still have when his team played Smash, you then give a detailed analysis about him and his United team's consistency, passing etc. then go on to defend Marksberry and say his United team could complete with ANY AA (capitalizing will not make it true) teams.

Your are either a stalker or Dingleberry himself, most likely the latter. Your not even smart enough to get your story straight.

After losing to pretty much all AA teams in Long Island, losing to two school teams, getting beat pretty bad in the NLF B bracket and not winning a single tournament, you still say your United team could complete with "ANY AA" team and continue to give excuses? Still talk about that game against Smash where United lost 12-3 but you argue how you were in the game! What a joke.

Erase the video, stop drinking with the parents, and enter your United team in the B bracket so you can start to win and give some confidence to those poor boys whose parents blindly follow you!