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Does anyone know who are A and B teams?

Don’t bother asking. We went through this last year and people were convinced Their team was B, etc. And it just ended up being more confusing. So just contact them and ask. It takes just as much time to text or email as it does to ask on here. And get out all questions. roster size, what’s extra, etc.

You must be the same guy who said 100% OReilly was coaching.

Your above statement makes no sense. Its confusing only because Express makes it confusing. I can only conclude Chan does this on purpose. No idea why....

With that said, you should call and ask questions. He will answer your questions and he will be direct.

Be aware though, you may not get accurate info. Maybe accurate now but it can/likely will change.

Price is lower! Bonus! Getting less but who cares, these kids play too much lax as it is. Especially entering HS