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Rebels send out emails yet?

My son got the invite 5 minutes after tryouts just like 18 other kids. The tryiut was just a formality. This people is the problem with youth lacrosse. Teams are organized before tryouts even begin and they charge a 100 for tryout.

They make calls for anyone that didn't make the team. Got one today, very nice touch. At least paying the money an org can give an honest evaluation over the phone.

Exactly. And its not 5 mins after tryouts. Because they dont have 18 people calling. So it takes quite a while to make 19 calls.

And its not organized ahead. My kid was not known by Rebels and got an early offer once they saw him at a tryout. They are making offers early if they see standout kids or kids who are a good fit. Which is what they stated.

I question whether your even a parent with a kid who got an offer.
Sounds more like your someone trying to bad mouth the organization and has no clue.

Either way, you should not accept. Noone wants a parent like you coming in with such negative views.