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Rebels team was likely selected before kids showed up today and yesterday! Both days, 2-3 attack, over a dozen long poles! Complete joke after all of the “transparency and calls! With the kids at tryouts between today and yesterday, no way they would be able to pick a team based on the players there. SMH

Couldn't make it there today, loads of players there on Tuesday, not sure what you are talking about.

Be honest man, less than 50 kids for 2022, 15 poles! Stop the BS! Today was about 23-25 kids and again, about 15 long poles! No way they were building a team from the kids there! Today there was literally 2 middies, plenty of attacks and poles! At one point during the scrimmage, a pole was given a shortie to play with! SMH!

Were you there for pretryout date?
There are also kids tried out who could not make tryouts.
Offers are made to top players after each tryout.
Dont worry. Team of good players will form.