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Say what you want about the Rebels but darn, they are giving away a TON of bling for your tuition. Even some for Mom and Dad.....

Let see if T91 and Express start to pony up!!!!!!

At least 91 has an indoor facilty to tout.

Gonna be interesting.......

No one in their right mind should be choosing a club based on what their bling package looks like. Unless of course you're driving a Chrysler 300 with after market rims, then it all makes sense.

I agree about the package. That you get a bathing suit and socks and extra outfits shouldnt impress that much. Although including helmet and gloves, since teams seem to no longer be including that which does cost extra, is a nice perk.

But mostly what impresses is the open communication, and training model. In the end that is what really sells Rebels. You just dont see it anywhere else.