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United Coach Marksberry was not a D2 player, he was a D3 player. Ithaca College is Div III. Dingleberry and his crew get on this site and try to promote his team. He promised parents he would not take more than 23 kids last year, but kept adding kids until he had 30. Kept adding kids throughout the year. He even added two kids after the first summer tournament. He will do the same this year.

The team had really good players, but when you add 8 extra kids, the team could not gel. Anyone who showed up to practices throughout the year to "Try Out" was added. He took everyone. Now he is thinking of making 2 teams. Total money grab. The team lost to two school teams, beaten at Tristar in AA (lost all games except 1 consolation game), beaten at NLF in the lowest B bracket. All because of bad coaching.

The coach lies and tells you what you want to hear. There were 60 kids at the tryout because he held tryouts for 2022 and 2027. Run from this team.

OK your entitled to your opinion. If your kid played for him you would not say those things. Yes he added more kids than we the parents wanted but as far as his coaching ability you are dead wrong the man know lacrosse! Your kid will be held accountable and will get corrected if he makes mistakes but he will get better because of it, and that what this is all about.