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I think everyone is waiting until next Monday and Wednesday. Express tryouts are then.

Honestly, why bother? If Chan has not asked you son to play for his team, his won’t be asked because of tryouts.

You will be then placed on one of 2 or 3 other teams with no rhythm or reason. Zero cuts! At least Rebels, T91, United limited the number of teams. Express has no cuts. Now there will be 2 kids on your son’s team who can’t catch and throw.

What info has Express offered? Pricing? Coaches? What is offered in exchange for your hard earned $? Tourneys?

Total crap shoot...

Total money grab the whole darn program! Last year the put out 4 teams at the 2022 level. 3 of the 4 were not even competitive at all! I'm saying this from the perspective of me paying to watch my kid lose nearly every game. My kid did not get better that is what make me angry. Chan only cares about 1 team and that's his team. All the other 3 were really pretty bad!