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The merging rumor has been talked about all Summer. Not sure why a successful club would want take them under their wing.

Most successful clubs already have two teams per age group. What happens to Igloos "A" players? Do they think they are all just walking on to an already established A team at another club, just because the directors cut a merger deal?

Perhaps it's better if the club folds, and then the girls are free try out for whatever team(s) they choose best fits them

I think that Igloo's top 3-4 players could find themselves well suited to YJ or TG A teams, even cracking starting lineup. After that, many others will either wind up un B teams (not the worst, since they may bring in some much needed talent) or Legacy/Empire/Jesters type teams. We'll see

totally! but they are better off going to B+ teams never coming off the field and being the star then warming the bench on YJ or TG ....and they can make a B+ team became an A