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why not, the showcase is close ( on LI) if you and your child are available and it isn't cost prohibitive have a go at it

Yea it is on LI and not expensive so I will def. register my son.. Appreciate your reply.

Are you referring to the D1 Und1sputed Showcase or the LI Showcase? My son went to the D1 Showcase last year and other than the rain causing a hiccup the first 1.5 hours, it was great packed with D1 Coaches on each of the 2 two fields with probably 140 players which helped my son with committing to a school that the Associate HC was there and the year before that, we did the Long Island Showcase and that was great especially because it was the first showcase we ever did. That one had around 120 players .

So if you are thinking about either one, both were great but depending on what you are looking for, those 2 are catered to different levels of colleges even though the LI Showcase had like 13 division 1 colleges....the D1 Showcase had 32 D1 Colleges I think with a few local D2/D3 coaches where the LI Showcase had around 20 D2/D3 colleges.

If you are talking about the fl$ one, waste of money; too many players and over hyped . Save your money and do not go, trust me.