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It's a fact. Look at west bab. Barely has a pal program. Maybe 60 kids and is pulling up 7/8 graders because of lack of bodies. Then you have wi who probably had 500 kids in their youth league and rarely takes any underclassmen unless they're good

ESM had 8th graders last year and will have a few more freshmen this year, they have a great youth program. So has Massapequa and Garden City. So that argument doesn't hold water. Even WI have taken 8th graders in the past as well as freshman, now playing/played college lax at top 10 schools. But they were good players. The top girls will play up even in big programs, the lesser developed player will have to wait. Look at the bio's of these good college players playing at good schools and getting playing time, they all are 4-5 year varsity letterman. The 2 year varsity girls are unheard of in good college programs.