Originally Posted by Agreed. With some 2020's already committed, coaches will be focusing on the 2020's and 2021's. NXT runs great events and the Philly Showcase is also the best one I've seen thus far but the others mentioned were also great.[/quote

[quote=Anonymous]My son did the D1 Showcase last year and besides the bad weather for the first 2 hours and getting lost, there were 33 Division 1 College Coaches there with only 140 players playing on 2 fields that were side by side and then the ASG was phenomenal b/c all of the coaches were on that one field so my son wants to go back and has been invited back. This is a great showcase for those looking at the D1 schools. Other than that, the Jake Reed is getting diluted (hardly any coaches there this fall) and the Black Card and Showtime are both already sold out which doesn't leave much options for the division one schools,

I agree with everything you said but I believe the ADRNL Black Card is still taking nominations. Those 4 events you mentions; NXT (in the Fall, not summer) Adrenaline Black Card, Maverik Showtime and the Und1sputed Showcase are great for players looking to play at the div. 1 level with the level of talent that is present and amount of d1 coaches that are present. The Nike Blue Chip has never been the same since their partnership with 3d but it is slowly getting better but no where near where it was 3-4 years ago.

There are still 2019's available at certain schools such as Stony Brook, Marist and the other colleges who tend to wait until players develop but all around, this is a big year that the colleges are focusing on the 2020's primarily and looking for stand out 2021's