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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]Jimmy the great you ant. They do well on the top team against the MD clubs. They beat top guns black bad the only time they played last year. No one on Long Island will beat the A or B team. The will have a hard time with yj c team.

Are you referring to the Nationals when YJ Blue beat TG Black 8-6? Oh yeah that was old fashioned beat down.

Top Gun Black was very competitive at Nationals they did have (6) players from their 2020 team while YJ had (1) who were age eligible joining them. Not exactly representative of either teams normal 2021 squads.

TG only had (6) 2020 girls I heard it was a lot more than that or they wouldn't have been able to compete with YJ Blue a juggernaut of a team.

And since you are ignorant of the facts your opinion is stupid and uninformed.