There have been several postings discussing the cost of LAX here on Long Island in comparison with some other sports. Two of the postings from our Back of the Net announcement thread are reproduced below.
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if you think soccer is bad. Wait until you find out the sickening sums of money people are making off of youth lacrosse. The people running these "elite lacrosse" clubs are getting filthy rich
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Lets see..... $600 per player for 10 practices run by college kids that don't know how to coach. Multiply that by about 20 kids per team. After uniforms, insurance, etc., you're talking about $50 per player per practice. That comes out to a $1,000 profit per practice for each team. Are you trying to somehow compare this to soccer????
BOTC Industries wants to encourage cost education among our readers. To that end,
  • For those families involved in both soccer and lacrosse, is LAX proving more expensive? If so, why?
  • What are the relative costs that players and parents are seeing for a full year's LAX participation?
  • Are there ideas as to how costs can be made more manageable?
BOTC Industries is interested in your perspective. Share your thoughts.