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What does not add up for me is the 5 years of HS lacrosse rule - more then a few kids have played JV or Varsity in 8th grade at their public HS and then went to Cham or ST A's for four years of lacrosse. Also I believe there is a freshman on St. A's right now that played varsity last year for Bayshore and Varsity for St A's this year, will he be ineligible his senior year?

As for today's game, just let the kids play, if it is a forfeit nobody will care after the fact, just let them finish their season and in many cases their careers.

Just MHO

The "5 year rule" is in effect once you enter HS. A 8th grader that is moved up does not count towards the 5 yer rule. It is when you start HS.