Park Lacrosse Web Site

Organized in 2007, Park Lacrosse's Mission Statement to their players and community is quite simple.

Our mission is to develop talent as opposed to simply lobbying for the best players. Our goal is not only to make an extremely competitive team, but also make every player better through college-like practices, speed and agility workouts, as well as position specific training.

The program will concentrate on the fundamentals through in depth instruction and demonstrations from quality coaches. If you are looking to tune up your skills or take your game to the next level, Park Lacrosse is offering you the opportunity to play on a team where you can learn and showcase your skills in a team environment.

Although their Winter League Action is drawing to a close in early January, Park Lacrosse will be playing winter lacrosse at the Oceanside Indoor Lacrosse League with teams in the following divisions:
  • U15 (8th & 9th grade)
  • U13 (7th grade)
  • U11 (5th / 6th grade)
Although just passed on Tuesday night, Summer Lacrosse parent and player meetings are in full swing with teams in the following age groups:
  • U13 (6th & 7th grade)
  • U15 (8th & 9th grade)
  • U17 (10th & 11th grade)
If you want to know more about our Winter or Summer programs, why not just e-mail us, contact via our web site, or just call us at the number listed below?

Park Lacrosse
21 Fifth Street
Garden City Park, NY 11040

If you would like to make direct telephone contact, please dial Eric Rudd at 516-813-7770.