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Can someone from Chaminade name only the schools of the potential starters,will be attending.

ATT : UVA, Air Force, ND
Mid: Navy, Duke, Weslyan
DMid: Tufts
Fogo: Colgate
Def: Cornell, Harvard, Darmouth
LSM: Manhattan/Lafayette
Goalie: Duke

It could be some variation of this:

Attack: Virginia, Navy, Notre Dame
Midfield First line: Duke, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina
Defense: Harvard, Cornell, Duke
Fogo: Princeton/Colgate
Goalie: Duke

Midfield second line: Wesleyan, Middlebury, St. Joseph's
LSM: Dartmouth/Manhattan
D Mid: Tufts/ Lehigh

They are solid either way.
Juniors are strong class and will likely have a big role among the starters.

I would be surprised if more than 2/3 juniors would start even though they are talented and no way a sophomore is moved up.