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Don't you get it..For the 1000th time college coaches don't give a sh*t how old a player is in 8th grade. Contrary to what parents with smaller kids think. In their eyes the system isn't broken. Yes, they all want early recruiting to end but as it stands within the current system not one coach desires any of what you or other holdback critics have suggested. Ask any coach at the next level and they will tell you how they are able to spot the most athletic kids on the field in the first 3 mins of any game at any level. They are interested in fast, skilled, smart, athletics kids that fit their system and have additional upside and are never wondering if that players bday is June or Dec. Complete nonsense.

College Coaches are interested in fast, skilled, smart, athletic kids that fit their system, but will NOT remain interested if the parents of those fast, skilled, smart, athletic kids are loud, pushy and overbearing... Do your kids a favor, don't get in the way of THEIR college recruiting process. In the end you both will be happier.