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Omg enough about hold backs.. It is what it is right now . Get your kid in the weight room, continue to work on stick skills & have him get his grades he will be fine. By 10th grade he should be able to compete with all grades the be a D1 player. If you're still complaining then maybe buy a set of golf clubs for you & your son & call it a day. Stop hating if they're not changing the rules.
Age Groups
A & B Levels For All Divisions

Birth year based
Pee Wee (05/04)
Bantam (03/02)
[lacrosse] (01/00)
HS Elite (99/98) this is for your USBOXLA in SJ Cal this is run by Matt Brown from Univ of Denver. It is the way lacrosse is conducted in Canada. This could be moved to every year because east coast lacrosse has critical mass but it is how it should be done.
Indeed the grade based and holdback issues are the norm now, and there may be no changing this, but this hockey-like model is the best. Clubs can field older teams in each age group and younger teams also. Hockey tournaments use myyhockeyrankings website to gauge where teams should be placed so each tournament division is level (ie no playing down). Also, if teams have a blend of major/minor year kids the team will be forced to pick a level. If they have a mojority of older kids they play in the older part of the division - ie [lacrosse] Major.

Of course, the tournament and club owners want to make it easy for college coaches, so they stick to grades.

I do fine the irony of the ease for the college coaches so they do grade based teams. But 90% of all these showcases and prospect days but 2 or all 4 grades together on the field at the same time.
The best way I think to fix it is to have them in one year windows and have them have some kind of marker to say what grade they are in. I saw at a softball showcase they had the girls wear colored arm bands. It would take 5 min. to put a colored sticker on each kids helmet to say what grade they are in. This would like the college coaches now what they are looking at and it would solve the reclass problem. I think this would help the college coaches more because they would see a real view of the kids with there real peers. IE kids there age not there grade. But they would be able to know the kids grad year with the sticker on the helmet.