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It is OK to cheat as long as you go to confession afterwards

There are kids on every single 2020 team in town who have 2001 birthdays prior to Sept 1. There are rising 9th graders in every single school in town who have 2001 birthdays prior to Sept 1. Most kids are classed appropriately and I don't think that most folks have any problem at all with a kid who is a few days or months older than the cut off date. This is not what anyone considers an advantage. Summer 2001 birthdays are not "cheating" and, quite frankly, I don't really get nervous when my kid's 2020 team plays against a team that has a dozen holdbacks and a few double holdbacks because I have confidence in my kid and his teammates to bring it.
Why does all of this make you so nervous?

If it is grade base it is not cheating according to the rules. And if summer birthdays are ok,,Then double holdbacks are ok. You cant have it both ways?? Frankly anyone no matter what their age is not cheating as long as they are in right grade.

This theme of its ok with summer birthdays for select heldback/prefirst kids is wrong. It is either all of them should have this advantage or none. Make the birthday of June 1 and let any kid play in that age bracket regardless of grade. Why do mainly only private school kids get this advantage?? Let everyone who wants to enjoy it. That is the RIGHT way to do this issue.

Most people DO have a problem with this whole playing down in YOUTH sports. It goes against the spirit of youth athletics.

None of this will change until an age based system is used. There are BOTH public and private school kids who have never repeated a grade or gone to Pre-1st who fall into this category of "playing up" as you call it with summer '01 birthdays. For whatever reason, their parents made a decision very early in their lives to send them to kindergarten later than most.

But it is really fun to watch you rant about it on this forum.