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Sure - the refs fault. You must be the kid's parent. FCA dominated the face offs. Truth hurts

FCA 2020 FOGO has a Spring '01 birthday. He's just good. FCA 2020 has ONE holdback and 3 on age 2020's who have spent the last three years PLAYING UP, not down. Yes, that's correct.....they played up, not down. They didn't reclass to play 2020 this year.....they played with both 2020 and 2019 because they are rising 9th graders.
Please stop hating just because someone else is good at lacrosse.

you are full of it! FOGO is a 02 birth not 01. Also there are many kids with spring/summer 01 birthday on the 2020 blue team. They all should be 2019! I know there are at least 3 kids who were held back at one point or another (1 middie, 1 attack and 1 def) plus the goalie from 2019 that moved down is a spring 01 birthdate.

FCA is truly just a bunch of praying sad crabs,