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Any club team that has kids from BL, Gilmam, McDonough, etc. - virtually any school in the MIAA with exception of the Catholic schools has an ample supply of Holdbacks. You can pretend that's not the case - but it is....

Crabs, FCA, Looneys, etc. all stack the deck with older kids. Everyone knows it, you know, just own it.

Very True..It was the MIAA's and private schools little secret until the club world went grade base. Most people in Baltimore were completely oblivious to it. MIAA middle school and HS teams all had them so no big deal.
Now that is out in the public lacrosse world , you have exactly the reaction you would expect. When a select group of children get an advantage that others dont get.. Well what do you expect??
One of the lamest excuses is that most are only summer birthdays. If that is ok then let anyone who wants playdown that is summer birthday irregardless of grade.