I was just looking through the 2018 commit list. I counted 55 schools with at least one verbal. But the avg I would say is 8 kids locked up to each of the 55 schools. There is what 70 or 71 D1 schools. The kids on this list have 2 full years of high school left. The point is 55 out of 70 schools in theory have signed up to recruit early. And if you use the math of 70 schools with 12 spots per class that comes to 840 then if you take my quick guess math off this list of 55 schools with a avg. of 8 or 9 kids per school that comes to 440 or 495. So with my bad math that leaves 345 spots left or 400 spots left. The reason I put this out there is to point out why parents feel the need to be so proactive with the early recruiting events. Also I think this proves that more then most of the schools are part of the early verbal scene. I counted 55 schools I bet the last 15 are asking for Verbals just not getting them. I just wanted to give the 2020 dads a heads up. And I am 100% sure these numbers will be higher when these 2020 hit the summer before there Jr. year.