Do they start checking birth certificates anytime soon?

This is my son's 2nd year playing. He plays football too. And goes to school like every other normal kid. And has lot of friends. None of his friends/classmates are that big/tall, fast, talented all at once. Neither was there such a disparity in the 20+ other games he's played in (including teams that beat us badly). I never suspected this once in any other game before Saturday. Football either... 2nd grade field day at school.... Birthday parties... Summer camps... Pickup games with neighborhood kids... etc... etc... Some of the kids' combination of size, speed, talent, coordination, aggression, had me scratching my head for sure. He also does PAL track and is unlucky enough to be at the age cutoff that puts him against kids a year older than him. I see first hand there what a difference one year makes. I really don't want to be like this. But some of the kids stuck out like a sore thumb. Or maybe the kids have great genes. Who knows.

All that complaining aside, my son still had fun playing and competing and I don't poison his attitude by letting him know about my suspicions.