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Was at Under Armour yesterday. 2019s combined with 2020s, and with holdbacks all over the chart was hard to imagine more than 3 or 4 2020s making the cut. Must have been 300 easy in the Command division. Some OK lacrosse mixed with really poor lacrosse. Substitutions with sideline coaches was very unpredictable. I don't envy the evaluators and maybe having politics involved is a good thing as it makes it easier for selections. 2018/2017s had some really good players. Ball sizzling around the field.

Politics was very evident in the selection process. No way did 2- 2020 goalies deserve to advance. Just so happened to be the goalies of the Command Team coaches. The fact that they should not have advanced was proven in the way they played. Size and technique were lacking. So many talented goalies overlooked.

So I guess if your son was one of the political picks, you are happy.

No, I am not a goalie parent.

Just the most glaring example of politics at this position.

Were you at the Baltimore tryout?
There were 190 kids who tried out, not 300 or more.
Did you stay for the call back game?
It was pretty apparent who the two best goalies were on the field. Both goalies who were selected for the team averaged an 80% save percentage in the call back game. And, by the way, one is a 2020 and one is a 2019. The 2019 does not play for any of the coaches who evaluated the tryouts. The 2020 goalie has played up for the last three years on a 2019 team. Please check his birthdate on the roster and get all of your facts straight.