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These 8th grade college commits are comicle. No clue what these kids will be in 4 years but sounds great to say a top college wants me for now. If you don't pan out they will drop u like a bad habit. I think it's so foolish that parents allow their kids to commit so young. Where's the kids motivation moving forward.

I've seen a few kids motivated by the fact that they knew grades, behavior and play were being watched and meant something to more than just their family. I think it depends on the kid and the family. You have to know your kid, but ultimately, kids take their cue from their parents. Entitlement is modeled, as is hard work. If your kid knows he has to prove himself through hard work, he will do so. If the kid feels entitled to the "spot" and he's Gods gift to the school, then the results may be disastrous for sure.